Newsletter #16 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter #16 by Multiple Artists
a w e l e
t t e r i n g
lcome to our 16th pack so far,
even though we should be releasing
our 24th pack this month. this is
mostly because of the few months we
skipped, and of course, our short dea
because of
which we skipped four packs.
but lets get to the important point: we are
natly back!
it seems li
ke i havent really told anyone
why i killed the group, four months
this was mostly cauz there
was a total lack of motivation
that really had nothing to d
o with not
ing any coders. the portfolio idea
had been proposed to get people to d
again, but mostly to communicate
each others, and especially with
i just couldnt run a group
with unin-
terested people anymore. it might seem
easy to run a group of more than 25
people, but believe me, it
s damn
so this
time, we hope things are
gonna work out fine
im not really sure wh
at i should
talking about here. mostly because
the only thing we really care about this
nth is our first pack after what, four
months? but i think i should tell you
more about why i decided to start
back. when i decided to kill the
group, in may, i was really pissed about
everything that w
as happening. i loved that
group more than anything, because
it was MY creation.
i sure got help from other peopl
e, which released
awesome art in all those pac
ks we released, but it
was still something i h
ad thought of by myself,
and also ran by myself for almost two
but i just coul
dnt run it anymore, as i
said befor
e. then, after a week or two,
things sta
rted getting better: i actually
thought i ha
d made the good decision. but
at the beginning of july,
people on fluph made
me realized how bad was the log
o scene if there
is such a scene. th
ey were actually right. logos
dont look as important as pics in a
pack. t
hey somehow need to be grouped toge-
to really make them look good. to make
look as important as pics are or at
t, as important as they seem to be.
but this wasnt the only re
ason, cauz i
ve just told a few guys to start
nother font group and it wouldve probably
at least i think. the other reason
was because i miss
ed the old days. people in
the group were
nt only artists, they were
also really good friends. i
thought those
two reasons were good enough to start it
and take a part o
f my time, every month, to
get things done so everyb
ody can enjoy what we
have been working on during a
whole month. but
dont get
me wrong, even if there wouldve
been another font group, i
wouldve started it
again only for the second re
ason. friendship
is the thing ive liked the
most about the
scene so far. it
hasnt been fame, nor what
ansi artisticly b
rought me. it was what i had
originaly been looking for
in this whole scene
thing. when i
used to look at imperial packs, i
as so amazed not only by their art, but also cauz
they were all greeting each others in their
ansis and in the newsletter, like they really
knew each others. they really seeme
d to have
fun. but still,
its fun to seem how much
ansi brought me.
first, i had no computer
knowledge when
i started drawing. ansi kept
me on th
e computer, so i actually learnt
things that
way. i also made alot of good
friends whi
ch id definatly want to meet if
i someday have a chance t
o. i also got ALOT
ter in english. but one of the most important
things besides friendsh
ip is that i finally found
what to go to in college. i had no idea what
to do. i wasnt doing any hand drawing
drawing ansi. then, i app
lied in art, in
college, even tho i wasnt drawing at
i was only drawing ansi. and i actually rea-
lized i was pretty good in drawing actually,
im alot better in painting than drawing :.
the squary look of ansis also got me into
, which brought me other things. so
anyways, im starting to write stuff that
really dont relate to the group, so ill
just stick to the art scene.
i dont think i really need to st
art talking
about every artists who joined t
his month,
and even if i wanted to, i couldnt, cauz im
running out of time. we were s
upposed to
e on the first, but i was really, really
sy with school and havent been able to write
this thi
ng up. thank dissonance who called me
ce tonight and actually woke me up, even
tho it was only what
, 9pm? i was
kinda tired
tonight :. without
him, we wouldnt be releasing
while im talking about dissonance, id like
to tell
you all that by next month, he will
officially be running awe. as i said before,
i really dont have as much time as i had befor
and ab
solutly need someone to run the group.
hes been helping me alot this month, and
actually made a good job, i
m giving him my
president positi
on call it however you
but definatly aint quiting the scene.
im staying with my boys. :
this will leave
me more free time to draw. ill still be runni
it in a way, because i
ll be around as much as
possible, b
ut hell be writing the info files
and packing all the stuff e
very month. this
inatly is a good thing. for some odd reason,
i really trust him like ive never trust
anyone in the
scene so far, because i dont
think i wouldve ever let someone else
the group before. so anyway
s, im sure hes
gonna ma
ke one hell of a good job. i wish
him luck for this aint no easy task.
i know this was pretty damn l
ong, but i thank
you all for reading all the info
for this is my l
ast one. peace.
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