Header Colly #1 by Plazz
Header Colly #1 by Plazz
some type of header for vesalis
+o knocturnal, doodle for it
this is a header, duh, for fluph,
+o fobeeuh
this is a header for the savage
lands, +o a bunch of guys from what
i hear
this is a header for
surreal +o taintedx
bwa ha ha! yes! it does say
lucid in that mess! i heard how
you liked being able to not read
them so i did it personally for
you sugar face. hehehe.... plz
wtf went wrong no this
one, thats strange..
looking perhaps.. plz
btw, for tsl.
this is a pretty strange
one compared to my others
wouldnt you say? anyways,
this is for rage. plazz is
ok, i redone this for
city is burning, +o the
the extremist. luv plazz
date 00/00/00 msg number 31337
from plazz to nail
this is for nails crypt.
this is my header colly for this month, ive found them suprisingly easy, and
as you might have noticed, ive been trying different shit from usual logos,
pics + headers if you havent noticed... just trying different stuff i suppose.
plazz, the unwanted, the unforgiven, the chosen one