Chrome by Plazz
Chrome by Plazz
:::::: ,, ,P
::, ll
::l ,ll ,P ,SS
P , l. , S
P,. ,, 4 ,
,SS , d, 4,
,. ,- , ,d 4, ,,
4,P , ,
,,d l l l l
b,, ,
chrome / defining a new scene plazz / awe
read blow this line cowboy
alright alright,i know i know,i havent added
greets to any of my art but i wanted too this
time because this is my first released ascii!
greets / no order :
c22 buddddddy
tk yeah, you still suck
tna uhm, nevermind
b4 its your group, had too didnt i?
df yeah yeah, freeze!
jx uhm, nevermind
kl yeah yeah! repeat
09 kres1 is???
awe keep the fonts rocking cheesy?
chrome better be a damn good group damn it! hehe...
glue yeah, rock on!!!