newsletter may 99 by Zeus II
newsletter may 99 by Zeus II
this is Avenge, may 1999..
t h e
For the first time in the history of Avenge we have not
been able to release on the first. For the first time in
our history we only have 4 members submitting for the pack.
And for the first time.. Avenge is being abandoned by its
members like rats from a sinking ship.
This doesnt mean that we hold a grudge towards our ex-members.
This doesnt mean that we dont understand them.
Because we have all participated in this decay, somehow. It
is unclear to me if anything particular triggered this downfall,
but somehow that doesnt seem important. Its time to look at
the future. The future of Avenge.
And we have. Creator and me have discussed this. many times.
And we have come to a decision. Most of you have probably already
guessed what it is. Avenge is no more.
If you only knew how hard it is for me to even write this.
Ofcourse, there are more reasons to why we have decided to kill
Avenge. Creator has expressed to me his desire of retiring from
the group, and I dont feel I can lead it by myself. I just
havent the time. And neither do I feel that anyone could replace
Creator at the current time. His extensive work with this group
has always been cruical to its survival and health. Personally
I havent been around as much as I think a leader should be,
thereby not fulfilling my position the way I wanted to in the
first place.
For the guys that are left, I feel terribly sorry to have to
dissapoint them. They are all very dedicated to avenge, and this
surely is not their fault. If we only had more members like them
this wouldnt have happened.
Our decision is also based upon that we feel Avenge shouldnt
have to disgrace itself by going out with smaller and smaller
packs of lesser and lesser quality, shaming our own name.
Avenge is worth more than that to us.
Id like to extend some thanks to the following:
Creator - for being one of the best recruiters and leaders ever
Skaboy - for being one of the most dedicated coders Ive seen,
and for always being around with his support
Whitetrash - for founding Avenge
our web team - for top notch skills
Gasol - for staying with this group, and not ever giving up
everyone of our past and current members
everyone whove ever drawn for Avenge
everyone whove ever helped us out
and all of the ansi scene, for giving us competition. Hope I didnt
forget anyone.
Sorry for giving up on you.
As for my own future, I havent really decided. All I know right
now is that I will continue to draw ansi, just as much as before.
One more thing. I never want to see any so-called revivals of
Avenge. No one could ever recreate what me, creator and our members
have achieved. To revive a group is only to disgrace its name.
Thats about all I had to say. If you need to know anything else..
contact me on IRC, or via
And thus was the end of one of the greatest groups that ever existed.
I blame no one.
Zeus II
may 14th, 1999
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