Gum Fuck by Remnant
Gum Fuck by Remnant
Remnant of The Avenge Cult
Greets to my old friends in the scene
Carnifex, The Green Hornet, Minister, Xypher Matryx, Winter, Creator, Luminous,
The Chef, Splatt, Ewheat, Black Viper, Cold and Ugly, Deeply Disturbed, Ellis
Dee, Radman, Syntax Error, Black Ire, Ravage Bias, Spaceman Spiff, WatOr,
Rza, Crimson Skye, Inazone, Forlorn Extender, Cthulu, Quip, and the whole
Avenge Cult.
Why the fuck should I care who you are? You next to suck my dick?