Cluster number uno by Kiomatsu
Cluster number uno by Kiomatsu
Welcome to my very first colly, 1 that is . Only three logos included, but
feel free to request logos for your board/groups whatsoever, you might be
the lucky one. -- Kiomatsu
Has nothing to do w/ Fever. I had fever at the day, impulse logo.
4 WWW 3 20
the bomb --YEAH!
This one is for Grindstone, goodluck w/ AWE!
Avenge celebrates her 1st year at the scene, shes not a virgin any more!
Select conf,
1 ,avEnge
2 ,avEnge
3 ,avEnge
4 ,avEnge
5 ,avEnge
6 ,avEnge
7 ,avEnge
Not a logo, but its almost ok anyway , also for Grindstones VOID!
S U P E R k I O M A T S U
and it sucks so mucho! sorry