rz A V E N G E C U L T
Present in effect..
This month has been a hectic one. Many things have happened this month that
most of you are aware of. To start things off we have had a few new members
join avenge. TNA, former AWE leader has joined our font ranks and has shown
avenge memebr this month just how much fonts mean to the ansi scene. Also
another former AWE member FLUOR has joined us. He comes to us showing off
his unique style presenting us with a joint with SQ2ice and plans on
actively participating in the scene once again. We also welcome SIMS who
has joined us from the long inactive group, FIRE. So many member left us
this month to participate in there own personal hell. The list of who has
left is as follows: Sudden Death, Spot, Bluedevil, Luminous, Inclusive,
Sad, JDredd, Skrubly, and Acolyte.
NOTE: most of these members left due to the fact avenges lit group merged
Avenges Web page has taken a huge change hopefully to the better! You can
check out our new site at www.avenge.org.
Now, on the side i must now announce what you all have wanted to hear!
Former Avenge leader WhiteTrash has rejoined the Avenge ANSI ranks so he
can hypnotize you with his art that will make you jizzer. He is Mixelplik
on the memberlist.
/creator your avenge leader....
Avengecult.. the Future?
Ive been thinking about our image.. and I have some ideas on how I think we
should be, what the group should be about, stuff like that... Ive discussed
this with knocturnal and creator, and a few members, and they all thought it
sounded great so I decided to present it as a plan right here in the info
Does/should avengecult have a set theme? Say you have a group with a name
like ICE or FIRE , then you could draw something icey/cold or burning/hot,
which goes with the name of those groups..ice, for instance, has made an
excellent example of that with their homepage. You know what I mean. However
I dont think avengecult should have such a theme. If we had one it would be
something like.. Drawing dark satanic-like sacrificing cult stuff. And I
honestly dont think one avenge member wants a dark, evil group. Avenge
shouldnt be about something like A mistycal journey into the deeper reaches
of the medium bla bla bla.
So what should avenge be about? Heres my idea: Releasing ansis. Just
becausewe love it, and because we love doing it with friends. Avenge
should be aboutdoing art when you want to, not being stressed to death
by some overanxious leaders who cant think of anything but beat the other
groups around that month. And speaking of other groups, avenge should do
its own thing, concentrating on its own art and members, not what other
groups do, how good they are, etc.
I believe in them. However the purpose of avenge deadlines should not
be misinterpreted. What we want to achieve with deadlines is to remain
stabile as a group, a group that sticks around if you want, a group that
showsthat its here every month, it doesnt go lazy, it doesnt fade away and
die. What deadlines shouldnt do, is push artists to draw like hell for the
upcoming monthly pack. A good example of this is when you draw a lot of
unfinished stuff just a few days before deadline. The only thing the group
achieves by this is a pack full of unfinished ansis. Therefore I say, take
time to do your ansis, draw when it feels right, not because its deadline
tomorrow, and if you cant make the deadline, release it next month. After
that its up to you how many ansis you want in the pack. The important thing
is that youre happy with what you do. However Im not saying you can just
join up and not draw one single ansi. Avenge wants quality, and active
artists. The important thing about those artists is however that theyre not
pushed like freakin madmen to draw.
The last thing I have to say is how important it is that you avenge
members talk to us seniors about just about anything concerning your stay in
the group. Maybe you have a problem in the group, maybe you have some ideas
for the groups future, maybe you just need help with something. Were not
here to boss you around like dictators, were here to make it a better group
for all of us. So if you do have a problem, dont just quit, talk to us.
There, I think thats it *phew*.
Now, what I want you members to do, and this is important:
Tell me what you think of all this. If you dont agree with something, well
work it out. you can always mail me at beyotch@hotmail.com, or find me in
avenge. Now enjoy avenge 5!
/ Zeus II. trying to change things :
http://www.avenge.org has been updated! Send mail to creator@razorshift.com