Greetings and Salutations from all of us at :
if you cant read, that says ATOMiC
Well... at last. This is our First 1st pack.
Not Second, not Zeroth, our First. And yes!
This one is for real! No joke! No idiot
trying to release a fake pack! applause
Anyway. Well, were a new group, but growing
real quick. Started out with 2 members, now
weve got... umm... too many! Started out
with one Site, now weve got... WAY too many!
: So, well, we hope you like this. We spent
many many many hours putting this damned thing
together, so fear it dammit or well murder your
cattle! Please, spread it around. The more
the merrier! Oh, and mail 6@3101 with any of -- ever
your comments or questions. friendly
- Bjorn Icepick
points out
at this point, Icepick takes over from the silly head of ATOMiC WWIVNet
Anyway, we have been hanging around not doing all that much for the
past half year or so. I know you are just dying to hear our facinating history,so Ill skip it for now. Maybe if you are truely interested, we can put it in afuture pack.
This pack contains a quite a few of our ANSis, our first demo, and a
few other goodies. It contains a pre-release of our viewer, under the name, or some close likeness. It has some cool features like playing our
or your mods in the background, internal switching between 25 and 50 line
mode. Im sorry about the fact that you have to type the ansi name in, but my
nagging seemed to be ineffective on Mindwarp.
I hope that we will have some real net addresses such as CCi, but I
have no idea what members even have access to that net. In any case, once I
find out, it will be in the next pack ...
ATOMiC would like to send out friendly hellos to: iCE, ACiD, TRiBE, Valiant,
and any other groups I cant remember off the top of my head because I have a
few minutes to type this thing up due to its release in an hour. In any case,
we salute all ANSi VGA artists, mod writters, coders, and all the other
assorted group members.
When you unzip this little bundle of joy, you should see a verificationmessage, along the line of PKW655. If it isnt there, it might have been
tampered with.
ATOMiC takes no liability for any of the programs in this pack, if theyhave been tampered with, or just dont like your system, we are sorry, but
cannot be held responsable. Use at your own risk. standard legal BS
P.S We are looking for sites outside the Capital area. If you are interested
in becoming a site, I can be reached on either the Mafia HQ Cyber Xs board
or Haltsys.
ATOMiC 93 Jim Jones said variety is the spice of life. ATOMiC 93ATOMiC 93 Then he spiked the punch ATOMiC 93