ARSiN Art Productions
Pack Number Four - April 1998
Last Minute Addendum
by Dead Piranha
Hey there, I already did the Table of Contents and I dont really feel like
doing it again, so I figured a smooooth excuse for this plain text file is that
its a LAST MINUTE ADDENDUM. Pretty sneaky, eh?
Anyway, couple things I gotta say. First, PyroGenesis is going down. Not
because of the sorry state of BBSing, or because my girlfriend dumped me and
Im depressed or some stupid shit like that PyroGenesis is going down because
Im moving back home to southern California, the 9o9 area code to be exact.
So heres the deal: King Sting is in charge starting with ARSiN!05. He has
coordinated some groups in the past, so I dont think hell fuck everything up.
Blood Runs Cold will be the interim World Headquarters, until I can manage to
put PyroGenesis back up and take over where I left off.
I doubt another ARSiN pack will come out before I go, so I just want to say
thanks to everyone in the 209 who has kept BBSing and online art alive, to all
the sysops who are adapting to a new crop of young users, and to those of you
who motivated me to make something out of ARSiN, which used to be just me.
Anybody wanna e-mail me, Ill figure a way to pick it up somehow...
Your Best Good Friend,
Dead Piranha
Nevermind the end.