Entropy Baby!@ by Bawwz Wilzon
Entropy Baby!@ by Bawwz Wilzon
hair! BW! -- im not one for fonts..
Hey fool dis is Balls your ansi prostitute you pay for my services.. y0 if you want an ansi from me you can contact me on pOo!,
ToastyCom, or any Half descent ansi board in the 6o2 area ,baby!@ or e-mail me at
falcon@goodnet.com well fuck wit the later.. /
e . n . t . r . o . p . y
---Snip me baby!@ OH YES Snip me.. Harder HARDER!@----------------------------
y0e dis one is goin out to Clark for his co owned board entropy. it is awped bypointman.. so there you go, l8z!@ Greetz go to KK man get back into art, Trip
I love you man, and some other nigs..