FiLTH 717
This goes out to the following fracking companies:
XTO Energy Inc
817 870 - 2800
CEO: Randy J Cleveland
Exco Resources
214 210 - 6896
CEO and President: Harold L Hickey
Range Resources Appalachia
CEO President: Jeff Ventura
844 594 - 6775
To Marcellus Shale Coalition, who gave 7.4 million to lobbyists
after you raped the land for all it had and left the waste behind.
You poisoned the water of peoples property that you
destroyed. You created an illusion of financial gain
for the people you were about ruin. You gave people hope
of a better future. The only future you gave them was
the destruction of their property and poisoned water.
These people owned these lands for generations.
You came along with pocket money, threw it at them,
and continued you ruin every natural resource around them.
I hope your children understand the monster they crawled out of.
You all deserve to be drowned in the Susquehanna river.
The one you polluted.
Enjoy that money you absolutely stole from people.
When you die that money wont do a thing for you.
And wherever you end up on the other side, it wont be nice.
Enjoy these days.
As the song goes:
Eternity, my friend, is a long fucking time.