Suicide Crew Info File by LPrime
Suicide Crew Info File by LPrime
SUiCiDE CReW 213 / 310 / 714 / 818 / 805 09/95 INFO FILE by LPRiMEscdrift
Who we are -
xSuicide Crew is a bunch of California Couriers trying to make the 213/310/818warez scene faster then it is now. Right now we are doing very good, and we hopeto support the 714 area code as well. At the moment we are looking for dedicate
couriers in the 714/818 and on the InterNet to join our great team, But since wedont want to make the fatal mistake of expanding too quickly only the top peoplewill be allowed to join the Crew.Checkout the Application Generator found in theSC-APP.ZIP file for more information on Joining.
Member News -
xLuc has steped down from his co Presidents possition to start Collage at CSUNnext week, the lack of time has been the main issue of his leave and we wish himwell, Luc will still continue to draw and co-preside over Art in Madness. LPrimetakes over as the President of SC but he will also depart from the group soon...Flatline and DarkShadow Both are the two of the fasted couriers in our ACs arenow the Senior Members of the group and will most likely become to Co-President
after LPrimes leave. We welcome all our new members who joined SCrew since last
Info update, check the member listing because Suicide Crew is rapidly changing.
Our World HQ a 7 node Killer setup called the Final Hour will be up shortly withISDN and a Telnet address look for it within weeks, this Art/Warez Board is openBy Lord Prime and Luc and will knock your dumb ass down with the awsome art and
lightning fast warezalmost as fast as waremakes hand when he is jacking off!
Greetings -
x Suicide Crew sends its greetings to :
PNC/DRIFT/HTC/INNER CIRCLE/DoD/CARTEL/AiM/RTS/EXILE/SPEED and everyone we missedfor some reason unknown..
x Suicide Crew sends its fuck yous to :
Ware Maker, a tottal lamer who lies to everyone on IRC about his grateness.. he
is a little dweeb from our area code and should tell you about how lame he realyis.. or maybe we will... l8rz dork.. next time try kicking you fat as mother
in the ass..
Member Listing -
x Members of Suicide Crew are :
Lord Prime x 217818310714805NETLD x President
Luc x 213818310714805NETLD x eX-President
DarkShadow x 213818310714805NETLD x Coordinator
FlatLine x 213818310714805NETLD x Coordinator
Young Blood x 213818310714805NETLD x Net Coordinator
Threshold x 213818310714805NETLD x
Night Crawler x 213818310714805NETLD x
Compton x 213818310714805NETLD x
Carnage x 213818310714805NETLD x
Sherlock Ohms x 213818310714805NETLD x
Speed x 213818310714805NETLD x
Vigor x 213818310714805NETLD x
RiOT x 213818310714805NETLD x
Viper x 213818310714805NETLD x
Gaffi x 213818310714805NETLD x
Da Akses x 213818310714805NETLD x
Omega Red x 213818310714805NETLD x
Deviator x 213818310714805NETLD x
Ravager x 213818310714805NETLD x
x Suicide Crew Boards :
Most Not Listed, still re-orgonizing..
x How to contact us
On the InterNet you can join channel sc and talk to anyone there..
or If you are in the LA area you can give Scotland Yard a call, if you dont
know the number then you are DAMN lame.. or call the Final Hour when its up..
Logo by JimaimText by LPrimesc