Evil Intentions by Omega Red
Evil Intentions by Omega Red
sHiVeR mE tiMbERs! ansiomEga ReD
- + ------- ------------------------------------------ + - : a r t i n m a d n e s s :
shiver nO mOre art in madness prOduktiOns
presents: an Omegared ansi ...
eviL iNtentiOns! s: betrayeR! shv whQ + mOre affiLs!
ansiomegared,..requests: nguyen@starburst.gordon.army.mil
1995 shiver ansi productions,..shiver no more it was fun while it lasted!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------gReets out to these humanoids:
bacdafucup s:tpc,..coolhand rune,..
one eyed willie s:tdc,..big brother ill,..retrovirus ill,..
ravager just get a freakin usr sporster,..sir lancelot rune,..
maxx zillionz,..wishbone tss,..blah blah
and last but not least, the guardian and betrayer of shiver,..