The Mourning After 2 by Rusty
The Mourning After 2 by Rusty
i, rusty if acme, hereby present
my first ever anime pict! i hope
you like it, and i enjoyed drawing
it very much.
picture is of Lena from Phantasy Star III c Sega Games inc.
the mourning after two
s: kingsaver
morbid member
dark / revolt / union
katharsis / wicked
acme / korp / furi
tribute to terminator 2s greets
shadowhawk: man..we both actually drew something!
sniper: your fonts rule...thanx for sticking around
kermur: your ascii rules...gluck dual grouping...
cryptic blood: glad to hear from you this pack..
kingsaver: it was cool talking to you for a few weeks till ad lost the num..
indee: it was cool talking to you, too..too bad we didnt merge, but its coolmorbid: good luck
devonian: your board is fucked up!
the night angel: call my board...215.536.6447..we need to talk..
pinky: your anime stuff rules...hope you like dis! :