1. What is ACiDBOX? - A simple game. Try to capture more boxes than the
computer by drawing in the fourth side. Avoid drawing in the third side
or the computer will draw in the fourth, duh. Follow the on-screen
instructions. The play at first seems slow but gets much more interesting
toward the end as you must start taking and giving away boxes. If you take
a box, you must play again.
2. Why? - I was intrigued by the Seventh Guest CD microscope germs puzzle
and decided to write a DOS game based on a 7X7 grid so there could be no ties.
I also wanted to give myself a little exercise using 640X480X16 mode and the
fonts that come from Borland, so here is the result.
3. Why not shareware? - Shareware never pays, trust me. Written by an
Elite for Elites, fuck lamers. I bet this is the best game under 50K you
will ever download. Upload this game to elite boards only. If this comes
up on some shareware CD Rom, I will sue the fuckers.
4. How can I beat it? - I designed the logic to play tough but it is
beatable. The best hint is to watch how the computer plays to learn the
tricks I coded into the logic. I could have made it tougher, but then it
wouldnt be as much fun.
5. Can I have the source? - Sure, send me 50. Contact me on Elusive
or Unlawful.
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- and all elite gamers, coders, and artists. Till next time - Enjoy!
Rocket Scientist ACiD Senior Staff