The BadLands by Asian Knight
The BadLands by Asian Knight
Ansi : AK-BADL.ANS The
Sysop: Soultaker Badlands
Jeremy - Pat the Stimpy : nitty gritty
touchy feely book Pat - DOOD looks like
A a lady! Brian - Hi Bri. Heroin Cocaine!
K Casey - What up? ACiD 95 - Mugen Power!
B a d l a n d s
font by vQ!aCid
fUnKY SpUNk gOTta pIss yA OfF!
The Badlands - S: Soultaker
4 Gigs - 3 Nodes - ACid Member
.oO In dA 408 aC DOOd Oo.
dA aShUN kNIgHt Of aShUD pROdUctIOnS
.oO Woohoo! 100 lines right on the smacker! Oo.