Death Row by Maestro
Death Row by Maestro
Maestro W
elp, if you cant beatem.. Joinem! :
All the X-ETERNiTY Guys: We were pretty awesome..
The ACiD Crew: I quit my
own group to come here,
you better make it worth my while...
Flat Line: Hey! You get my first ACiD ANSi!! :
Row 413 782 1851 NUP: Nokdaglok
Addict WHQ ACiD Member Board
Reality WHQ Gothic Site
StormWatch FanaticNet
WHQ ValiantNet
9600+ Local Lamer
s Invite Only! No Ratio For Cool LDers!
SysOps: Flat Line Addict/Reality
Maestro ACiD/Addict The
Diviner Addict
SNANSi: Maestro ACiD94 Ugh..
The ANSi you have just seen was originated in the right hand co
rner of my
notebook one day in Marine Biology and is totally Non-Copied and free
If you would like to purchase an ANSi from myself you can contact me on
major network, my VMB at 1-800-282-8479, or hell.. You can just call th
totally swell board and pester me with e-mail... Ugh... Nuff said......