logo pack #1 by sims
logo pack #1 by sims
s i m s l o g o p a c k n u m b e r o n e
okay.. hehe.. heres my first
logo pack released to 3o3
these logos are old,
so dont complain me
if they suck! they
really do.. h0h0ho
but you will propably c
new better 1s in the next
303 pack............../sims
logo says:cln style: blockfonts requester:sims.m0haha
c l e a n .. p r o d u c t i o n s
logo says:danger style: blockfonts requester: zester
logo says:secret avenue style: blockfonts requester: skywalker
logo says:303 style: blockfonts requester:303
33 00 33
... thr3ezer0thre3productionsnineteenninetyseven ...