new s
. 3o3 . .
. . p r Od u c t i O n s 9 7 . .
news ..
well.. the big news is that i, vader, has taken over the art
leader position after doyancrash td.. i will do my best in
the work to be art leader in 3o3 productions. i dont know how
long i will stay in this position but at least the whole summer..
lost members ..
i have no idea if weve lost some members because im new at
this position..
new members ..
the new members i know of is gasol and mosen and soul traderansi
and swampmanascii..
apply ..
if you want to join 3o3 productions, fill in the apply.3o3 and
send it to me or nibc.. you can also call nibcs or my board and
talk to us..
we always need talented artists...
greets ..
all 3o3 members, nOah, weirdo, bizzarro, drynwhyl, oddball, spinal,
yeti, fat pacifist, sims and hers.
e o f