May'97 news by 3o3 prod. crew
May'97 news by 3o3 prod. crew
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. 3o3 . .
. . p r Od u c t i O n s 9 7 . .
prologue ..
we hate to admit that the last month was a slow month for 3o3
productions. thats why this info file is quite short..
lost members ..
weve only lost one member this month, and that was ironman. he
actually didnt release anything in 3o3 during his short visit.
new members ..
only one person joined 3o3 this month, grimshaw who joined as a
coder. i dont know much about him.
if YOUre intrested to join the 3o3 productions i suggest you
fill in the apply.3o3 which you can find in the pack, then send
it zipped with some of your work to one of the leaders or to the
group email. you can also call claustrophobic dimension and talk
to nibc.. then well get back to you.
the art division are in need of all kind of artists, but especially
good ansi artists..
..Crash TD3o3
We would like to thank
all our artists for their contributions
raider, bym, skylord, nOah, junkie, rage,
cybernide, cb, puppiluppan, mongi, Vibr8
all of those that we forgot
Last but not least. .. . .all of them paravictims out there
e o f