Id like to draw a logo right now but time is running out ... :
Yo Dudez !
This is our SECoND ANSi Pack already ... Time has flown for
most of us ...
Schuel has started again ... As a matter of fact, September
has been a large
heap of shit ...
Beyonds Crusade :
First, my BioS went blank ... I spent three days looking for
the hard drive
configuration ... No auto-detect HDD in my BioS so ... Anywa
yz, I lost three
days doing so ...
Then my config.sys and autoexec.bat became corrupted due to
some file which
was promising to replace my ANSi-driver with some more power
ful ANSi-driver.
It was so powerful my config.sys messed up and my autoexec.bat we
nt berserk.
Qemm was trying to pull off some odd tricks and I spent one
day trying to
put things back to normal ... Backups ... Right ...
Then I spent one day trying to read a tape I got from some
one which was
formatted in some strange format ... Due to the fact that my
tapedrive is an
external one okay, its my fathers, not mine, where would I
possibly get the
money to buy me a tapedrive : I couldnt read the damn tap
e ... Spent one
day searching for solutions but I still havent found a rea
sonable one ...
Next ANSi will cost you a tape drive ! Just joking .
Then my parents found their phonebill ... And they went berse
rk on me ... So,
I wont be calling anywhere anymore ... Only on somewhat rare
occasions like
when uploading some TRiNiTY stuff at a HQ ..
Finally, school started again and Ive had heaps of work ...
Considering the
fact that Im 24 years old and just started school again aft
er having tried
work, I suppose Ill have to get it right so ... Not much ti
me left to draw.
This does NoT mean that requests will no longer be handled,
on the contrary.
Any Request now costs between 10 and 20 US, without excepti
on ... Damn it,
we know you guys arent the wealthiest people but we aint eith
er so ...
In the meantime, some dude named ZYXMoN has been trying to make m
e look like
a geek by trying to convince my FiDO-BOSS that I was trying
to hack his
board ... He has been caught redhanded and will be facing ch
arges ... Serves
him right ...
As for the other team-members ... I suppose September has been
kewl on them if it werent for the fact that school started
again, for them
too, and well ... I repeat myself but time is so short when y
oure at school.
We welcome a new member, namely C-SURFER ... One of the greatest
artists on
this little heap of SHiT called Belgium ... We also welcome
full-time BaudRunner who will be responsable for distribut
ing our stuff
around the world ... That means outside Belgium ..
The menace had coded some new Application Generator but it
is not included
in this pack as it didnt exactly work very well ... : ... We ho
pe to make
it a separate release ...
Thats it, I think ... I do hope to be drawing YoUR requests
pretty soon so
keep them coming ... You can still find our Application Ge
nerator in the
first ANSiBasket which is available at a lot of boards alr
eady ...
We 3nT would just like to greet the following great specimen of
human life :
BC :
Liquid-X, ACiD, iCE, Bert, Iceman, Tasmania
BS :
Unavailable at this time :
CS :
Liquid-X, Antares
CU Dudez !