We shall come/with all our wealt h/and ourvulgarity/into your land/carving deep wounds/in our wake/planting the shar p-edged green seed/of money/deep into you r hands/and as you grasp/gasping/you will thank us/as it takes root/growing and ent angling itself/around your simple naive l ives/it will placate you. We shall come/h Private Message Areas ard and fast/into your underdeveloped/un- exploitedlittle world/tearing away the so 1.MessiesfortheSiz-Up.1 il/beneath your feet where you stand/scat 2.PrivateMessiesforUsers.2 tering the broken gifts it offers up/all around us/digging the foundations of our General Message Areas own image/into the raw core belly of the earth/send spiralling monuments/to our gl 3.ZeTrashcan.3 orious achievements/into the heavy leaden 4.HouseforSale.4 sky . Youwill watch from the horizon/impr 5.Poems.5 isoned byyour own pleasures/bound by the 6.KillemAll.6 material
chains/we will supply/and when w 7.Thatznowaytogivehead.7 e have turned/one side of the worlds fac 8.WhatsthatNoiz?.8 e/from the sun into blackness/the other w 9.Ivegotthisproblemdoc.9 ill thenburn/under the slap of our greed 10RivalryandChivalry0I Anne ClarkAbuse1990Copyright is no more