3NT.NFO by BeyonD C00l
3NT.NFO by BeyonD C00l
-Welcome, welcome, welcome ...
This is, you guessed it, our first ANSiBasket ... Filled with half-hearted ANSi
,great mistakes and an occasional masterpiece ...
As this is our first pack, maybe we could do some explaining about how we
started, where it started and why ...
Err ... Maybe we should explain quantumphysics ... It would be a lot easier,
really !
Ok, so here goes nothing ...
Location : Keerbergen - Belgium
Due to some misevent in the time-space continuum, Beyond met the wrong girl
and followed her to Brussels ... The start of an adventure ...
Location : Brussel - Belgium
Beyond got hold of his first modem ... Starting fighting with his girlfriend
over about everything, including phone-bills which had risen to the deadly
amount of 1700,- BEF ... Arf arf arf ... :
Beyond got lost and found a job and went to ...
Location : Verviers - Belgium
Being bored to imaginary death, Beyond C00l thence called Savage was still
affiliated with TUS, a long since deceased and diseased Syndicate which wante
dto spread some ANSi around Belgium ... In this concept, Savage changed his name
to ZozO le Zebre because it was lighter footed than Savage and started a BBS.
The ZozO StudiO never went anywhere except for some two loyal users and Zippy
which had officially stopped calling anywhere ... The Studio was the very first
board in Belgium to be able to display LiVE ANSi ... Being far out, most people
didnt understand the board and called once but never again ... Maybe this was
due to the fact that Beyond never got the file section right and therefore said
that he didnt carry any files : ...
Beyond, being fed up with his present job quit it and finally went back to ...
Location : Keerbergen - Belgium
Having changed places again, Beyond decided that Zoz0 le Zebre was too French t
obe carried in a Dutch and more English-minded environment and decided to change
his name to MasterminD, Master of the Mind, Mind of the Master. By then, the
Zoz0 Studio had gone down and was never resurrected although plans existed for
this for some three months ... Finally the project was abandoned, mainly due to
the lack of a phone line ...
Mastermind turned into Prince Mao, Austerity is Wealth due to some complete,
utter psychological lapse of reason. Prince Mao started doing some small-scale
trading which never got him any money only a lot of trouble and after three
days, he abandoned ... Never to come back because by then an idea had come up..
Mastermind was ressurected and starting roaming some boards around Belgium
looking for a stable home base ... Finally, he found only one which was rather
short-distance He had been off the scene for a few months and *YoU* know how
quickly things change around here ... and which had a look and feel he could
live with ... Meanwhile, he was still doing some ANSi-tryouts while trying to
put together some decent coding group which had to be called TRiNiTY ... It
never really worked out and he abandoned the project, but never the name ...
After a while, Mastermind Shape-Shifted the last time to become ... BeyonD
C00l, I aint C00l, Im way beyond that .... BeyonD C00l started roaming aroun
dlooking for people who were interested in ANSi and looking for one or two stabl
ecoders but was unable to find one as the only one who was to his likings was hi
slocal friendly neighbourhood sysop and he was with another group already ...
Beyond drew some lame BBSs and then finally decided to go through with the
resurrection of the Zoz0 studio which would be called Strangers Plaza and had t
obecome the TRiNiTY WHQ ... By now, it still isnt up, still to the lack of a
phone line and probablty more due to the evident lack of funds ...
Still, TRiNiTY had to be founded and so ... Finally, he got BurpS to join the
smallest and most fun group in this damn heap of shit we call earth. And this
is the final result ... An ANSi-Basket worthy of that name ...
EnjoY !!! BC - Founder apparently :