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d 123 the seventeenth pack i think
/b vi kanske inte r bst, men 2:a - 3:a,
det r vi nog.
Were back. And were only one month late!
pgdn I think everyone knows by now, weve got
two new members !? Its Ansichrist and
Shrimp. I think most of you recognize em
so we dont need a badass presentation.
Watch out for their stuff in this release,
I think its been 3 years since Shrimp
s last started aciddraw, basically. And some
most to me of Ansichrists stuff is amazing.
Oh and, I warned you all for Podsi when he
teamed up with us, and now were starting
.j to see the investment bare fruit
Alot of experimenting with influences from
different stuff will eventually lead up to
his own personal, hopefully awesome style.
Its close in this pack, I love it.
So, why are we late? its spelled Abstrakt.
Was it worth waiting for? Definately.
Would we do it again? Definately.
We WONT release until everyone feels that
they have contributed with everything they
could. If that means 1 ascii or 10, then
so be it.
THUGLIFE.ORG This pack however brings an alltime high,
/FORUMS peaking at around 40 submits including guests,
,, which is fucking stunning for a group that
were suppose to release 2 asciis a pack, not
even being called a pack
Plus, we moved all the guests submits which
were oldschool to 18. Because we felt that
it was time for an all newschool pack, and
we fucking made it. I couldnt be more proud.
www: 123. As Black Jack said after Mimics last release,
ione. which btw rocked this is what its all
se about, this is what makes it all worth
the work. I hope you enjoy this as much
e-m: oscar as I do.
.se * A special thanks to Abstrakt for nfo, memlist
- and the fun of ascii in news.
* Another one to Ansichrist and Shrimp
123.17 - for teaming up with us.
123.18 * I almost forgot all the guests, we love
Summer you all for making us look cool :
2004. Efforts: Gravedancer, Sketch Rimanez,
Noches, Jashiin,
Thanks for .diz joint! 4
. .s .. well be back. And well deliver.
* 4.b. /j
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