y0lk 66: how y0lk saved my life sorta
i was just flying into los angeles for a meeting with the press
concerning y0lk of course, they had flown me first class. the movie was get
shorty with john travolta. i give it two thumbs up... but i digress after a
four hour flight, i was really tired. luckily, they had set excellent travel
plans for me. when i disembarked from the plane, i was greeted by a man in an
expensive-looking suit, holding a sign with my name on it: creed.
i immediately gave the suited man one of my great thousand-dollar
smiles, and approached him. hi, i said.
hello, mister creed.
uh, you can call me dave. so where are we going today? which
five-star hotel do you have me booked at this time?
youll see, he said, somewhat mysteriously. i felt like i was in a
really strange james bond movie scene. with that, he turned his back and
began walking toward the terminal exit. still a bit confused and bedazzled, i
paused for a moment, and then hurriedly started to follow him.
within a few minutes, we were inside the private limos-only parking
garage. nice place, i joked. the driver was silent and without emotion.
after an uncomfortable walk across the garage, we arrived at the car. the man
opened the door, i entered, and he slammed it quickly and got in on his side.
i heard the doors lock immediately. what a weirdo, i mumbled to myself.
after about five minutes of complete silence in the car, i decided it
would be a long drive and i needed to entertain myself. i opened my bag and
pulled out my walkman and gameboy. i popped motocross maniacs into the gameboy
and my concept dumb demos into the walkman, and kicked back. fun, fun, fun.
after about forty games of tennis, all of which i won, i noticed we
were approaching what seemed to be my destination. it seemed like more of a
run-down toolshed than a five star hotel. ill live. the limo driver
pressed a button on his dashboard and a garage door opened in a building to the
side. we drove in. it was a completely empty garage, with nine or ten men
standing inside. most were in black-tie like my escort, but one was a more fat
man in a casual-looking grey suit. oh, i thought, that must be the don.
the driver opened the door and yanked me out of the limo. i was
completely shocked at this point i just stood there drooling on myself. so,
the fat man smiled, we meet at last, mister creed. you look taller in
uhm. ok. you can call me dave. the james bond movie continued.
yes, i see. allow me to introduce myself.
excuse me? demonseed? im not familiar...
uh... nothing. sorry. oops, that was embarassing.
i see. well, my name is marco gionovicci. you zine-types may know me
as trip.
TRIP?! i didnt know you were italian!
yes, many people fail to recognize that. but lets get down to
business, mister creed. you used me as a character in a recent play that you
released in y0lk.
yeah, uh, i thought you would like that. hehe, you were always joking
about me in your stories and i--
you had me blow up a 7-11 in that little story of yours, he barked,
you depicted me as a terrorist. do you see me as a terrorist, mister creed?
well, uh, no, i babbled. its just that--
uhh, im real sorry... i didnt mean anything by it.
yes, well hopefully you will learn your lesson. well let you off a
little easy this time, mister creed but you have been warned.
before i could reply, a man came up from behind me and hit me with
something. i blacked out. when i woke up, i was half-naked, lying in a pretty
scary-looking neighborhood. as soon as i stood up, a circle of large black men
formed around me. uh-oh. i paused. uhm, who are you guys?
yo, wez tha crips. who tha hell are you, white man? you on our
uh, im dave... er, creed... err... hi.
the man just stood there for a few seconds i think i startled him.
creed? you mean you that niggah that writes y0lk?
uhh.... yeah, i guess. have you heard of it?
yo man, dats phat! wez big fans!!@ so, wuzzup, man?!
well, as you can easily see, an enlightening conversation followed.
after we had bonded and i had issued each of them an autographed 8 by 10
glossy photograph of mine, they fed and clothed me, and sent me on my way to
the airport. i told them where i was going, and they handed me a first-class
hey, how did you get this?
we carded it, nig.
uhm, where did you guys learn all that stuff?
hack, yo. moft taught us.
saying nothing, i grabbed the ticket and flew home. it had been a long
day. when i arrived back at newark airport, i hailed a cab and drove home the
real way. man, it was a weird day. and all i have to show for it is my
gameboy-tennis high score and these weird clothes from da crips. oh well.
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