Yak info by 77/fn/cb
Yak info by 77/fn/cb
yaknews and memberlist
woo, yaks back in the ring again.. after a couple-month break, yak returns
under new leadership to give new meaning to crappy. many elements of the
yak hierarchy have been moved around, but were looking strong in 96.
lotsa changes and additions here. first off, the leadership of yak was passed
from choir boy to phantasm. choir boy is remaining in yak, but in the role of
a writer, not staffer. second, dark soul changes his alias to sugar less.
sl returns to yak this pack from the now-dead iesus. the long-sought after
warpus comes to yak his first group since the demise of union! in an amazing
move. inside sources speculate warpus was high when he joined. from the 514 ac
montreal, pq comes artemis, who looks to be a promising talent. mr. meman has
changed nicks, and now goes by not opus. he has branched into ansi with a great
deal of success. hennifer pantalon aka faust, aka carlos ramirez, aka snake
joins yak. he is one of the most promising artists in 519 right now, and he has
given yak not just art but also howie, a faboo comic that you can catch online
on convertical. eox is a mystery artist. real lamer or yak hoax? you decide.
hey-ho! ok, thinks phantasm as he writes, 77 pretty much covered it. well, this
pak is new and improved, the quality is going way up. some of the art is just..
wow. unfortunately, shadow hunter and pyro havent had time to contribute any
recent material, but youll see sailor mars in a familiar little matrix for doa
that never made out, as it was finished just after our last pak. well, thats
all there is, but damned if i have the smallest speech. well, review: choir boy
actually does remain staff, 77 doesnt know what hes talking about another
change: mr.blobie is now known as punchbowl. also the imminent demise of oa is
leaving deimos anomaly as whq until bUnk! appears dont hold your breath. our
new members since september are once again warpus, artemis, and hennie p., from
union, haven, and septic, respectively. well, a line short. good enough. now i
shall turn choir boy loose. enjoy the pak.
choir boy:
hello. im choir boy in case you didnt read the above yellow text. the other
president of yak ignore agent 77 comment at the top. he doesnt know what hes
talking about. first off, i would like to appologize to those of you who
downloaded this expecting another art/music/whatever group trying to climb its
way up in the ansi/whatever scene. see, while other groups have the philosophy
of quality not quantity we have the opposite. we want big massive packs full
of anything our members do. there is no such thing as quality control around
here. what you see if meant to entertain you, not to woooooooo you. anyways..
so i guess im supposed to be typing important words in green but then that
raises the question just what is important? so i think ill just highlight
random words instead. but you know.. green is a pretty nifty colour. i really
think so. in fact green is such a great colour im gonna put a big huge bar
of green across the screen. a nice big fat green bar. here we go :
there we are! isnt that great! now anytime you feel like looking at the
colour green you can just look at that. good. now. in other news, yak has
recently linked up with a secret service of elite top secret agents known as
csi. these agents help us retrieve valuable information and in return we give
them 12 dozen live zebras every 2 months. their leader, agent typo, has agreed
to this as long as they can use yak as a medium to release information about
csi missions, ememies and other important stuff. but enough about that. its
time to discuss something else. i just cant think of anything else to discuss.
so i guess ill close by saying i hope you enjoy the pack. please to do not lookat the pack with a good quality asbestos mask on and wearing a red shirt. pleasemake sure your wearing a red shirt. any red shirt will do. when done looking at
the pack and listening to the music section get up and run to the nearest fire
hydrant copy down the writing on the side and run home, mail the writing to us
and well send you a free hb pencil complete with eraser on the end. oh ya,
people, please ignore epoxys recent worship of the devil. i guess the hair
dye hes been using is toxic and it has seeped into his brain. this will soon
pass and he will continue to worship street lights and trains once again.
anyways, have fun with the pack and remember to wash in luke warm water after
draweurs de le art//: agent77
choir boy sometimes if he feels like it. its rare
hennifer pantalon
not opus
shadow hunter
sugar less
,,musique.composeurs,,:: artemis
choir boy
not opus
ecriveurs.de.la.text:: choir boy
most everyone else
://whq deimos anomaly 519
::sites bunk 519
convertical 519
china town 519
the hunting grounds 519
asgard 514
lethal injection 201
internet telnet://telnet.whitehouse.gov
login: clintonpz
pwd: guess until you get arrested
this colour means not up yet. this colour means the board is up.
this colour isnt being used at all.
the last word!
the official last word for this infotext is: pakistani