xRt %) by Dr. Dream
xRt %) by Dr. Dream
Xtremal art crew infofile
w h o w e a r e?
waaaaaaassup, maaaaaaaaaaan
we are art-divizion of Energy group...
we like drawing ansi ascii pics, not hi-rez pics.
we dont like selling our pics..
ps: damn... sorry my english... xRt
pps: eh... wanna request some ansees? ok, just send message to me...
2:5020/1480.11@fidonet or dreamnrg@usa.net... okay? :
m e m b e r s
only one member consists in xart. :I. Its me.
person occupation contact addresses
Dr. Dream Ansi artist drdream@chat.ru 2:5020/1480.11@fidonet
You!? ? ?
b o a r d s
board phone sysop worktime
rhq X-Temple 7-095-391-2624 Eraser 23:00-11:00 MSK
mbr pAin boArd 7-095-L8ER Dr. Dream 00:00-07:30 MSK
g r e e t s
RIB tRX HRg dLc HARMCrew Chaos Coders
YBERPUNCh Ultimate AgO Havok Hard Penetrat0r Sprocket Slash
and especially to 0rpe for very cool music 8