Wicked [06/95] Info
Wicked [06/95] Info
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...We Are Wicked...
Dawizz DWZ, Trinitron TT!, Red Mist RM, Black Viper BV, Vengence VG
Maytricks MT, Illuzionary IZ, Lope Hs LHS, FireBird FB, Sanity ST
Paranoid Insomniac PI,Zinxs ZX,Black Knight BK,Mr.Clean MCL,Lash LA
Drakkoth DK, Indigo Rain IR, Ravaged Wanderer RW, Blaze BL, Cyko CY
Leper Messiah LM,Virtual DamageVD,OverDose OD,Epidemic EP,Casper CS
ScareCrow SC,Luke Skywalker LS,Stone Chapel SC,Phantasm PH,Felix FX
Slick Willard SW, SkidRow SR,
Warblade WB, Dr Dre DD, Soey SO, DeathWish DW, Oscar OC
Deathwish DW, Needlehair NH, Cyber Hunter CH, Black Viper BV
CryptMaster CM,ConWay CW,Uppercut UC,Deathblow DB,Fiddler FL
SparHawk SP, Spliff SF, Deathwish DW, Dr Dre DD, Black Viper BV
The Enter Key
Kingsaver, Pytheian, Phoenix, Lars, Zinxs, Caligula, Bionic, Phat, Bad Sector
BBS Name Phone Number SysOp Status State
Disembodied Voices 718-279-2766 Fatal Sacrilege World HQ NY
Translucent Dreams 800-204-2588 Dysphunxion Application HQ Free
Stairway To Heaven +45-747-263-03 Bionic Euro HQ Europe
Mayo 604-241-0364 Prince Of Death Canadian HQ B.C.
Atomic Delusions 903-561-5409 Nuclear Dreamer Southern HQ Texas
Evil Intentions 408-251-6220 Betrayer Western HQ Calif.
Victory Mansions 203-488-4059 Sir Leechalot Eastern HQ Conn.
The Next Dimension 718-761-7461 BitStream Member Board NY
Eternal Dreams 407-626-8382 Cyko Member Board Florida
The Future Link 505-327-6299 Phoenix Member Board NMEX
Unknown 408-757-HATE Bad Sector Member Board Calif.
Disposable Heroes 609-589-8018 Leper Messiah Member Board NJ
Sync 714-894-6109 Stone Chapel Member Board Calif.
Eclipse 718-277-1542 Deathblow Member Board NY
The Final Carrier 914-967-1553 Phantasm Member Board NY
Density 0 817-446-1968 Kingsaver Member Board Texas
No Peace 408-PRI-VATE Rek Member Board Calif.
Genotia 209-543-9793 Black Knight Member Board Calif.
Fatal Error 914-344-3830 Evil Ernie Member Board NY
Deadly Dreams 718-651-0518 DeathWish Member Board NY
Hellix 407-791-7373 Overdose Member Board Florida
Absolute Zero 614-862-3714 Scorpio Member Board Ohio
The Phunhouse 407-968-8561 Desperado Member Board Florida
Brand Echh 908-846-6670 Epidemic Member Board NJ
Equinox 713-729-0914 Reptile-X Distro Site Texas
Erebus 201-762-1373 Euphoria Distro Site NJ
Satanic Uprising 909-822-0709 Dream Child Distro Site Calif.
Downward Spiral 204-475-3712 The Crow Distro Site Manitob
Shadow Den 800-240-6139 Altered Destiny Distro Site Free
Savage Exile 905-891-2544 Critical Illusion Distro Site Ontario
Emerald Dawn 305-262-9596 Paranoid Insomniac Distro Site Florida
Assassins Domainers 408-776-9009 Ogre Distro Site Calif.
Upper Deck 603-669-9968 The Pharcyde Distro Site NH
Abbadon 201-586-9373 Strychnine Distro Site NJ
Deathland 510-277-0497 Deathbringer Distro Site Calif.
Mixmastas Mansion 718-PRI-VATE Dr Dre Distro Site NY
Alpha Centauri 604-942-1798 Ranma Distro Site B.C.
Society Of Insanity 703-729-6452 Social Deviant Distro Site Virg.
The Unknown/2 417-859-5076 Shinobi Distro Site Miso.
Hell Bound 309-937-2017 Dark Shadow Distro Site IL
Where Shadows Wait 405-354-9857 The Stranger Distro Site OK
Napalm Cocktail 219-662-0363 Apothecary Distro Site Indiana
The Obituary 705-737-4363 Altered State Distro Site Ontario
Terminal Countdown 803-236-4274 Rebel Lord Distro Site SC
Empire Systems 703-251-1645 Drakkoth Distro Site Virg.
Point Omega 215-536-6447 Rusty Distro Site Penn.
Digital Delusions 315-735-1438 Digital Vampire Distro Site NY
Eternitys Salvation 216-834-0085 Airborn Distro Site Ohio
Death Star 203-894-1805 Gate Keeper Distro Site Conn.
Poisened Ideaz 407-783-1522 Cheeze Distro Site Florida
Dimension 401-438-2878 ZR1 Distro Site RI
Burmuda Triangle 214-497-9448 Hypostasis Distro Site Texas
Antons Corner 304-346-2932 Anton The Pimp Distro Site Virg.
Parental Advisory 800-203-5308 Easy Mo Bee Distro Site Free
Lithium 302-738-0472 Wildhawk Distro Site Del.
Silicon Sphinx 217-429-0939 Maelstrom Distro Site IL
Alcatraz 813-761-0332 Vindicator-X Distro Site Florida
Altered Mist 615-926-7066 Liquid Death Distro Site Tenn
Eternal Damnation 607-844-4111 Slick Willard Distro Site NY
Plad Banana 403-342-1458 The Nucking Futso Distro Site Alberta
Corrosion Conformity 910-323-0293 Brain Dead Distro Site NC
Fire 2 204-757-7094 Insight Distro Site Manitob
Cs-360 306-856-1840 Zevo Distro Site SAS
Whodinis Magik 614-860-1841 Whodini Distro Site Ohio
The Colosseum 9o9-985-4693 Nero Distro Site CA
We are still looking for Coders, Artists, Couriers, and SiTEs...
Please Contact one of the Senior Members on the Application HQ:
Translucent Dreams 1-800-204-2588 Sysop:Dysphunxion
and leave him samples and/or demos of your work along with the
application you filled out in this pack
-- The Group is developing nicely, and has gained some great new members. --
-- We are still looking for more distro sites. This is WiCKEDs eighth --
-- release and the admiration of WiCKED has begun! --
Final Note : If you have any requests for ASCiis/ANSis/VGAs or any type
of art please leave a message to your favorite artist on one
of the above boards.