V i s i o n s o f R e a l i t y
M a r c h I n f o F i l e
Logo By Gyrfalcon
Welp, here we are again, everyone. Its been an important month for
both Visions of Reality VOR and Reality Waves RAW, our MOD division. A lot
of big things have happened internally this month. One of our ANSI artists,
Scythe has left the group. Scythe took it upon himself to leave the group, joina re-forming group and then behind the backs of the senior members, steal group
members. As far as I know so far, not one VOR member has left for the other
group, but that is not the point. The point is that he went behind the backs ofthe senior staff to do this. Any groups based in the 703/202/301 should watch
for suspicious activity, for Scythe has said that he has e-mailed other people
in other groups including ATOMiC, MG, and other groups. This really isnt any-thing to wory about, for most members will not leave for a group such as that,
this is just my way of warning you and his methods. I will leave it at that.
In our Reality Waves, the MOD/MTM/MUSIC division of VOR, we have found
one of our top MOD composers to be a plagiarist of others works. Humble is no
longer a member of VOR or RAW and his BBS E.C.C. is no longer a distro site.
We do not take kindly to plagiarists of other peoples work. I will not go intogreat detail of that. For more information, see the RAW pack info file.
Onto the good news, after coming off a very good pack release from lastmonth, we are hoping this one to be equally as good. Hollow Point has returned
from his vacation away from his modem and has done two pieces of work for our
pack. This past month, I WM have been trying to expand VOR into areas other
than our local area. I have been trying to get long distant distro sites, re-
quests, and members. Though there is no showing of this in this pack with the
exception of one ansi, I believe, many things are pending. If you are inter-
ested in obtaining an ANSI, VGA, RIP, MOD, MTM, whatever, please e-mail me
through internet at robbh@cap.gwu.edu or at Seminole Wind 301-236-9030. If
you e-mail me through internet, I will relay the request to our members. If you
are interested in becoming a distro site, please call Seminole Wind. If you areinterested in becoming a member, call Seminole Wind, or e-mail me through the
Internet attaching samples of your work.
This pack is semi-small in regards to our other packs, but this pack
does not have any big files in it i.e. in the last pack, Grim Reapers flic
was a large addition to the pack in ONE file. I am sure you will see a lot of
quality and I and the rest of the group will appreciate any comments you have
on the pack. Widow Maker