Well as Ya can tell we skipped the 11-94 pack but oh well....
This pack
turned out to be hella better than the last packs.... Uh hmm well I can sit
around and type a bunch of bullshit or we can get with the goods....
Weazel VOiD
Ok Well we finally got the fuckin viewer.... Thanx to the man who broug
it to us, Our newest coder Chronos well test out the viewer and tell us
there are any bugs.... Uh hmm the next version will prolly be a multi
coder viewer featuring Mode-X.Chronos.and Toj..... Well Asta...
Weazel VOiD
Ok we also got the app maker done and the man who did the coding is Mode-X
he also created a intro for Malicious intent which may or may not be a distro
in the future.... anyways we would like to say thanx and the next version
be hella pimpass....
Weazel VOiD
Look forward to a-cool-music disk and we
are pro
ud to say that it is hella pimpin
Toj who coded t
he disk player and Made 3
of the songs is creepin out
with some
hella cool
songs. Abstract Vision formerly
D.O.A. is making a little guest apperance in the music disk..Check it out...
It will probably be out in 2 or 3 days...
Weazel VOiD
We have some new members and their names are Chronos.Coder iNCiNERATOR.
Pale.Ansi Knight Time.Ansi Mr.Popeil.Ansi SAkURA.Ansi Veks.Ansi
PoorBoy.Vga Turtle.Ansi/Ascii Genghic Khan.Ansi The Undec
Terminator.Courier Vindicator.Ans
Grimace VOiD
There has been a name update: TOJ is now Technique Our Musician
Grimace VOiD