t a i n t e d
of Vii
p r e s e n t s . . .
h a p p y h a l l o w e e n
aftermathfinally, another completed peice. 2:11am, work tomorrow.
first off, id like to give out mad propz to anyone thats
taking a peex0r at this and the killer viix2 release on
halloween! we here at seven, dedicate ourselves to ansi
entirely on an art level, sorry boys, the days of dialup
advertisement are long gone, the spam, the flaming, the
politics, wiped out and dubbed obsolete by the fast pace
of todays technology. they were the best of times, they
were the worst of times, and fortunately for us, what
made them the best, was the kick ass coloured blockage
that we see here today, and look, no board, no ad, just
pure itchy skitchy messy ansi! booyah! ANSi CHIX 4 LIFE.
as a closer, id like to let everyone know that they may
not see a lot of action from myself for the next month or
two as im picking my ass up and moving to a new city, for
the sake of new employement - damn, its not easy being
an adult - what ever happened to being 15 and skipping
dinner for some quality ansi doodlin.
real life takes hold.
- tnt