aN uGLy bacKground ...
...all the cool chicks like it...
i know its a crappy background and the shading is fucted but considering that
this is my FIRST really big pic, NOT first big bewb as someone said... P
anyhow, i hope you guys wont be too critical. P
If you guys got tips on how to improve the shading, my email addie is
im really trying to work on the shading and eventually originality better...
heh, at least the shading on the face and neck look good... FINALLY. P
anyhow, i did this for my oh so cool pals, Frank and Ukyo otherwise known
as the pgx crue and this is for their site so dont mess with it.
id like to put a word out to my boys, axb and gdr. P hehe.. you guy are an
inspiration... plus, a word to diez formerly the prez of samsara who also
inspired me again about the meaning of art.