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union august 94 info file From the eyes of an outsider to many of Unions accomplishments every month, I perceive a Union to be the solemn giant of the art community. Union has the overwhelming ability to sail through the month virtually unnoticed by many of the art appreciators in the global computer environment. However, this striking force of die-hard professionals ceases to amaze me at the turn of a new month. Once again I bring you, the Union Compendium for August 1994. In an effort to conform to their original motives, Union has streamlined their acceptance process to allow the best group of artists to be formed. The power trip of the ever egotistical group giant has attempted to lift its head within Union and each time the members try to remind themselves that egos are not wanted here.
Joining Union this month are several talented individuals, hopefully with no underlying ego motives, although only time will tell. In a second attempt merger with Visual Insanity, a few of our dedicated followers may remember the fall out the last merger had, Union has acquired six new ansi artists. Peak Velocity, 28, God Speed, Thadicus, Terminal Psychosis, and Prometheus all brought their
support to Union. A long lost Tribe member teams up with Union this month, we welcome Aerosol to Unions ansi department. Other additions this month into the ansi camp are Juice formerly of CMOS, Bishop, Zoro, and Splint from Breed has joined Union on a trial basis. While trying not to let our ansi department to out number the rest of the group, Union has gathered a few more members to its VGA/RIP
department. Reefer has joined us as a dedicated RIP artist, while Formic Acid from Manifest and Mole Brain have enlisted as VGA artists. On a side note, Unions music department has elected *not* to put any more music into the Union packs due to size restrictions. In an effort to be the best group and not the largest pack group, Union has attempted to follow suit of other great music groups and distribute a music disk once there is sufficent amounts of quality music sure to
but some zing back into that lifeless sound card of yours. While in
the music deparment, I shall mention a new arrival, Lord Pegasus, formerly of Relic. I would especially like to welcome our new couriers this month. Maniac and StarDust join the list of members that make the computer groups in this world go round. Without the couriers, none of the
groups would have life. Id like all the big heads out there in *every* group to remember that. While praising the hell out of the couriers, Id like to remind those who want to make it a full-time job, there is life outside of your terminal program. And in other departments this month, Fantom joins in to assist in coding and Mr. Sinister and Mr. Dawson join in the hopefully helpful telecom division. The telecom division of Union is not comprised of
phreakers or any other illegally oriented individual. Union does not base its grounds for telecom acceptance on any means of defrauding the telephone companies of the world of any monies for which they are right-
fully owed. Please do not contact Union or its telecom division members
if you have intents on requesting codez, or calling card numbers. Union is organized for an artistic means of expression only and not in any means to be associated with phone fraud. With that out of the way, Union must bid its farewells to some members. Mind Rape did not seem to meet the competitive standard among
the other Union ansi artists and was let go to disallow oversizing the department. Marshmellow Hex was released on the grounds of consider- able conflicts of interest with other group members. Vandal followed Marshmellow Hex as he leaves the VGA department. Lord Exile is on vacation until September, but since he too was a close friend of Marshmellow Hex, Union assumes that he will want to be released from the couriering department.
In other miscellaneous news, Shadow Hawk actually did something to support his group this month. Mr. Hawk took up more environmental endevaours as he contacted other group members in the wee hours of the night. Shadow Hawk has decided to take up modeling as well where he will be the first choice to wear all the latest Paris fashions in a stunning black shade.
Taz has been promoted to Unions courier coordinator. Hopefully with someone constantly monitoring our couriers, the department will move in a more organized fashion. Taz is currently entertaining the thoughts of accepting more couriers, so if you or anyother interested party feels that they have some dedicated time to offer Union, dont hesitate to apply. This applies to any courier group that wished to affilate themselves with an art group.
Finally, those of you who have made it this far, you are probably curious as to this huge greet at the bottom of this file. Ill take a
minute to personally welcome a quality art enthusiast, Morbid Angel. Morbid Angel has been with such groups as iCE, ACiD, and Nenesis. He joins the hard-working ranks of the senior members of Union and he may
attempt his luck at drawing ansis view at your own risk.
Union has attempted the trendy thing to do by being a part of the Internet. Union now makes its lastest pack globally available from ftp.eng.ufl.edu, or as an unreliable alternative, try RNDServ. Various members are still working diligently to form a independant Union bot for IRC however the members frequent union primarily and typically
crosslinked to ansi. For lack of a better thing to do, Union has changed the naming of its sites to promote people to have a cool title in their credits as well as to encourage people to read the site list to familarize them- selves with the boards that the members can most frequently be found. In terms of sites, there will be no more sites given out under *any*
circumstances, case closed. If you are currently a site and you are not connected via UnionNet, please contact Neurotic as soon as possible. All sites that are not making a dedicated effort to support the group by carrying UnionNet will be removed without question. Union would also like to draw your attention to its logo pack that is distributed freely within this pack and packs to come. This move
comes from constant bickering to various art groups that their logos clutter up the higher quality ansis. Union would like to encourage all other art groups who have not already taken this step, to do so. Finally, I would like to thank all Union members past and present, all of the orignal VOiD members, and all of the CoMA members, where I began my art affilations, for the time that they spent with me in my literature read poetry days, as well as my VGA attempts. I was never
a dedicated person in a group except for managerial tasks in which I
put forth my best effort. I have enjoyed my time along side of Nailz bringing up Void and Union. Nailz is a member that is rightfully stationed as a senior. His words, I can run an art group, one that is there for the art and not for the ego like name excluded, ring true as he shows each and every month with the help of the rest of the members that Union does not have to be a big head in the art community,
our art proceeds us. As well I would like to send a personal greet to Neurotic that started his days busting his butt couriering our pack far and wide and has since proven himself to be a worth senior. This pack will be my send off pack to Union as by this time next month, I will be persuing my educational interests where I will not be able to efficently assist the group. My final words to the senior members of Union, the artists of Union, and all other individuals in the computer society:
Union, its not a lifestyle, its a hobby. GenoCide - Union Co-Ordinator - aka Spin IRC
All of Union would like to make a great big ...
W e l c o m e t o U n i o n ...