Destination Zero by No Carrier
Destination Zero by No Carrier
She was my only love, the purpose of my life. My only dream, was to make her my wife. Her beauty was so great, her eyes so blue, I could not resist, I did what I wanted to do. Ive commited a crime, which I can never repent. My chances for forgiveness, have already been spent. Instead of moans of pleasure, I heard screams of pain. Their shrill echos reached some primeval part of my brain. Within my powerful hands, I held her tender throat, Then I performed the deed, of which I will never gloat. It seemed like slow motion, as I watched her life drain free. Now that she is dead, what will become of me? I am criminal scum, I am the lowest of the low. I am chased by the law, I have no where to go. Ive decided to give up, I am the ultimate anti-hero, I can go no lower, I have reached Destination Zero.
Destination Zero
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