The Txa Newsletter, Issue 4, 12-95 by Tha Grinder
The Txa Newsletter, Issue 4, 12-95 by Tha Grinder
The Txa Today. Issue 04 November/December 1995. An official txa production.
The TX Today c, is an official 1995 - TX production. In this months
edition: As usual the new members, general info about txa and more, more, more of the same old crap. Dont you just love those entertaining newsletters? G!
Enough for the official part, lets get to the main thing, reading the crap!
Pfff, what a month this was, it seemed like a year to me. But well, here we are again with the november/december ansi pack. Lots of things happened this
month in the scene, some were good, and some were very bad youll probably know what im talking about. But well, there is always something worse than some small arguements in the scene, you have still got this thing named Holi-
days. Dont you just love these cold and cosy days when
Santa comes along and brings presents to all of you? Do you, do you really like this part of the year? Well, i dont! Everybodys spending money on things they dont
really want to buy, but they buy them because its so great to have stuff you do not really like, gwow, do you
still get this crap? I dont, so why not skip x-mas this
year and give all the money we save by not buying those
silly trees and balls and stuff to someone who really
gohsj needs it! call now 1-800-CREDIT-CARDS no donations too
large! So think twice if youre going to buy some of these evil things, and buy the cheap ones, because the
happy days are only in your head, and not in the price
of a tree. Wow, this is really crap, but well, it makes you think about things in life which really suck if you look close enough. After this Big Bunch of Badness, there are Gohsj, what a beau always the good things in life. not so much but well, i
tiful tree can fill a few lines with them, i hope. Txa is still doing well and only getting better. The coding division
is getting everyday and txa-chat is planned for later this month, but more about that in a few lines. This about all i can think of now when i think about the good things, so lets start with the important things in this months
newsletter, the new members. l8ah..
.This months new memberS.
Like every month there were some fine additions to the txa staff, and of
course some changes in positions. Lets start with the main thing, the ansi
division. Dirt Bag has joined in and some of his ansis are included in this
pack, he has just started making ansis, but hes allready
pretty good, and ill think well some cool stuff made by him in the near future! In the coding division there is a new member too, The Frozen Shade. As youll probably know, there were some small problems getting him into the group because at first he wanted to apply for COT, but after all he chose for txa. i want to say sorry to all the cot mem- bers for making such a mess of it, especially asgorath had some troubles with it, but i hope hes okay now
Our Headquaters in Brazil has changed too. Last month you read that Electric Board became our new Bhq, but that has changed and Crack Boy and his board became our new Bhq. Crack Boy will fix txa ten distro sites in all parts of brazil, so brazil, here we come! Of course Electric Board is still a member of txa, but he has become a distro site. Tha Grinder,
There is also a new member board right here in holland it thinking about is the board of The Frozen Shade, The X-Files see the mem- the meaning of
ber list for details There has also been a big change at life, autch... our world headquaters, Tha Grind. The board changed from
the boring remote access to the awesome system/x. Not only the system has changed, but also the name went through a small facelift, it now called some-
thing like this: Tha Grind Project: Tha Shiznit. Tha Shiznit for short, but i
wanted to leave tha grind in it because then everybody would still recoginze
the name.
.TX Coding releases.
This is one of the parts in the newsletter which i like most, the coding re- leases! Lets start by telling you about the soon to be released txa-view. Last month i told you that Tha Anarchist was going code it, but after a hd crash he
didnt feel like starting all over again so we had to find a new way to get this baby going. Thanks to Delta Ray, who is coding the viewer for dma and of course lots of thanks to Charon, there was a solu
tion. Delta Ray is going to make a special
version of the dma-view, which is gonna be txa-view, but more about that next month. Delta is still working on the vga viewing- modes, so youll have to wait one more
AtL to see it The new addition to the txa coding divi-
The first preview of the pic- sion, The Frozen Shade, is working on TXA ture format which is going to CHAt, which will be an awesome chatting
be used by TXA-CHAt... door for use with remote access 2.02. The chatter will be released later this month.
After this release ill hope to stop with coding remote access doors, and hope to start with a new generation of system/x doors. In this pack there is the first real txa coding release, Txa-Apply coded by
Mad Heroes. Finally after one and a half years new members dont have to fill
in those damn old and ugly ascii files, so be sure to check the programm out, even if you dont want to be a member duhh, or allready are yeah!. Also this month txa will release a demo coded by Dr. Blow, so i think there will be enough exciting things the next month to look out for!
Soon you will also be able to find txa on the internet with our own homepage
Flabbergast will be the chosen one to keep the homepage updated all the time.
The writing on the page will be done by Flabbergast and
Lobotomy 55 and Tha Grinder. On the homepage you will be
able to download all the latest txa releases and read
all the latest info on txa.
The best part of the homepage is that all you guys out
side Holland can download all the releases without
having to make international calls. So probably well
soon have a great number of txa headquaters and distro-
bution sites all over the globe!
Well, after a long time writing, this newletter has
come to an end, hope you enjoyed reading this crap, i certenly enjoyed writing
it i suppose i did. See in the next months newsletter and uhh ooh, i gotta
go feed the cat, be seeing you....
The txa-today is an oficial 1995 txa production c
gr Writing: Tha Grinder Pictures Taken: Atlantic/Tha Grinder