bureau 13 by c0unt zer0
bureau 13 by c0unt zer0
zer0 made this ANSi, muthahfuckah.
p it and hell kick your ass so hard, youll
be breathing through your sphincter.
-----------------------------.- Well, I made thi
s ANSi outta the goodness of my heart for Spunky
. If ya want
some wickedass c0 art, talk to the twisted guys
anywhere ya can find em.
If ya wanna talk to me personally, Im only in 9
o5, but Im sometimes
available on BlackNet, BurnNet, and TabNet. Code
Garden is the board to see
me on in 9o5. Oh, check out the invisoquotes in
this ansi. If ya dont know
how to do that, youre lamer than me.
Greets to:
pC - hi. hey. I never got the hang of greet
z, kay?
bX - seeya later, man. Its been real.
Shaman - why Prawn, man??
twisted guys - too bad youre mostly LD. Wou
ldnt mind talkin to ya.
k1- how the fuck did you get so good so fast