TdC by The Man
TdC by The Man
--- pHEAR wHO fORGETS! -------------------------------------------------------
yyyyysss yyyyyssssssss ,ssss,.
.yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , .
, . ,, ,. ,, , ,, .,s,s y,.,y, s, ., ,s .,s
mEMBER b04rd
--- skiZoRS pleaz3 -----------------------------------------------------------When i drew this I was alone... ... but when i gave it color... False prophet
was there guiding along the way... You could say that this is a joint project
between me and fP :... anyhow some greetz are in order
TWiSTED, TDC, Amnesia... gUS, pC, angst whereever you are, tG look i drew
A RED ASCII!* ... Anyhow... I dont have any ideas for a Scene COmparison
right now... so maybe next font :... L8s!