Logo / header colly by The Man
Logo / header colly by The Man
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lessee here... I havent been around l8ly in the art scene... so i dont know
whats been going on... But Ill tell ya what Ive been upt0... a. I got
ASKED t0 draw ascii for akira revenge. b I got staff on c0c c I got
another board up amnesia 573-0457 d I got back into warez cuz i hadnt seen
diez or anybody else in ophid l8ly so i hooked up with the warez crowd again andspread my warez... but I felt that something was missing... ...something that i
tryed SO hard to do ... yet i gave it up too easily ... i dunno... oh well.
I dont know what pack this shit is in as of this writing,. probaly either
twisted, plain, hype, or whatever group pC helps me get hooked up with :...
anyhow... Im TheMan on iRC, my email is amnesia@interlynx.net drop me a line
for a request, opinion, or just to ask me to send some 0 nano second ware upto
your board i always like those emails : peace out and pHEaR the forgetful