Twisted Goes To the Strip Joint by cP and sH
Twisted Goes To the Strip Joint by cP and sH
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Article By CP Art By Shamantwst hand
twisted goes too the strip join!
ok, well about 2 weeks ago just befor angst droped out me, pcarcass
shaman, gus and count zero got this crazy idea to go downtown and too
a strip joint. Though some of us are under 18, with writen permition
from our parents or in our case, gus we all goto go inside and play
with naked ladies g. So now I have to tell you all about it ! ! !
shaman prophet
coun zer0
carcass Together we are
da crew
warning. The following story is rated R
and intended for mature audiences
Viewers Discretion, is advised
Me and shaman walked up to the front dance floor, him female leg - erect with his funny skater spikes apperal, me with my big
phat 1 foot purple spikes and my nazi punks fuck
off t-shirt got staired
at by the dirts around
brewz Little putrid carcass now army cut - a niner! came up with his -- mouth half-open. I do not believe he had seen a naked
bitch before, but the ladies say.. /
seemed too be taking too him wheres
well, do good shit on his part. c0??
We ended up sitting there for 5
minutes until gus got us beer, and ARMY
all four of us were up front now we
had no idea where c0 went, he left
without notice g.
I looked around, just too see - what kinda people we were hanging with us in this dirt hole, and gawd-damm I noticed these people still mutha! l00king at us, i nudged pieces 2@ gus, and he told me he eat my @ thought they were looking you @ing p at us weird too, so the 4 of
pu us walked over, and so i told
off the mother fuckers
-broken bottle
The dirt bags returned the lip, and pc said bitch,
dont fuck with ma bredge Then pc, out of no-where
smashed the guy in the face,
I t00k it on my behalf too
help out, gus shaman b1ff
thought it looked fun too,
so we basically started a
big fat bar fight. So we got crac kicked out because we really pow
werent supposed too be there so we just wanderd on da streets fer about 5 hours or so, and then we went home about 1am -cp