" 2 Years " by Imodium / pCarc
" 2 Years " by Imodium / pCarc
IMoDIUM pCARq did a little
didnt have time to
do much, i thought
it looked ok:
an ANSi
In the words of silica eRP!
Ok, this is for the group twisted. I joined when there about to put
out there 2nd Anniversary Pack so I did a pic, And also so is purg. :
and cleaner and I are doing this ereet pic that should be released in the
next purg pack, umm, I need some one to do some like, touch ups on this maybe
werd to: Sinful Flesh, acme, jedite, prodiac, afrocreep, eos, static4, the
knight, tsk, enelfd, xavii, chrom, menace, tUM, skatter, v9,
umm, everybody in hax0r, 619. and I know Im fogeting people
soooo... HELLO! to everybody.. :
images: X1 X2
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  • title
  • " 2 Years "
  • author
  • Imodium / pCarc
  • group
  • Twisted
  • date
  • 1998-01-30
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 25
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified
  • artist(s)
  • group(s)
  • content

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