Twisted Review. by Twisted
Twisted Review. by Twisted
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Y O U R C O M M U N I T Y N E W S P A P E R S I N C E 02 / 96
Friday, July 1, 1997 - Established 1996 905, Ontario- 75 + tax
pc/ you know where black demon has been lately? Catch 22
Black Demon, now 10, disappeared 3 days ago, no one has saw him since. Black Demon is known for his ascii skills in
groups such as Twisted and now Glue.. We have tried to
contact his parents with no luck. It is not known if he isdead or alive. Hey Mystic Rage, Have you saw black demon around lately? I
asked. uH gNO. cALL mY bBS he responded like always.
** UPDATE : Strike * bdEMON is away, gone to halifax for a week
A new reporter - Pea Carc
This month a new Twisted Review Reporter joins the paper. He uses an alias,
Cyanide. He is formally of RCA, but since it died, he decided to settle down
with us .
Count Zero and Fate draw again - Pea Carc
This month, 2 of the original members draw once again. Check out their old
school style shit, its pretty spiff. Count Zero was once the president of this
place, a long with Balistix, who comments pC stop bugging me, ill never draw
that dumbass ansi medium again. He still doesnt learn where the job market isheading. -1997 Job Market
Strikes Daily News :::
pcarcass became twisted.
evil men ate deelOtss justice.
strikes underpants were stolen.
relaye got arrested for playing too many block rocking beats.
guss secret identity as super duper person guy was reveiled.
Twisted Packs Release Date - Pea Carc
During the summer months, we might be going bi-monthly, or just releasing when
ever we feel like it So if you dont see a pack, dont go crazy!!!
Catch 22 returns...Not really
twisted august 97
this ones for my old twisted buddies. i still love you guys, stay cool and
kickin in 97.