Goodbye Twisted by imani
Goodbye Twisted by imani
drawn in RealTime by imani..
4 years
non washed
Look! Its Aspyre!!
A i R
theres a Penthouse in his
nike logo Pocketthis man has style
aswell but
its taken
away Rocky Jeans
Polka socks
Peed in his pants
FeAr ascii people!
Hi people..!!
imani speaking. I made this ansi as a goodbye ansi to
the fUnnY group Twisted. I drew Aspyre Cus When Twisted
Kicked him from the groupyapp..He was actually IN twisted
He said some funny lines.
imani Youre kicked from twisted cus some anonymous persons
dont like you...Dont blame me -- hahaha
Aspyre I was thinking of joining some other BETTER group
anyway --Twilight?
So to all yah Twisted fans out there..bye!
Have a look at mah art in the cia packs!
bye all fans and members of twisted!
imani out