logo by tainted tWst
Some say that a road is long and winding..
We prefer to call it twisted
In The Beginning ...
In the beginning there was no life on earth... er .. wrong idea..
lets try this again..
Yet another month has passed by, and twisted is here to bring you
yet another great pack. This month twisted has decided to change
its setup a bit, We have appointed department heads for each
division. The heads were appointed by their devotion to the scene.
Also we have decided to add a literature lit division to the
great world of twisted, which seems to prove worthwhile. Of all..
please enjoy.
- Tainted
Newcomers to this world ...
This month, we welcome Terrain , as he brings us his skill in the
lit division. Also we have Catastrophic Prophet returning to
The ones who dissapeared or something ...
Well Im not sure who has officially left or not but I know of these
few who have.. We sadly say goodbye to Purple Dye and Bad Mojo their support and help will be greatly missed.. l8r guys!
What the hell is he doing!@!
Yeah so sue me.. a while ago i told some prominant ansi artists that
i thought lit was shit.. and usually it is. i hate all that teenage
angst crap, for example oh woe is me, my soul is tortured to the gates
of hell, and my heart has turned black .. yadda yadda yadda.. its all
just a little too easy, and has no real feeling. so i did a bit of my
own lit with a tad of a twist how appropriate. so i dont want any
hate mail saying that i suck for doing it when i bashed it earlier,
well wait.. actually i wouldnt mind some mail. so do email me please
oh yeah.. i just want to say that twisted is starting to rox0r, so if
youre smart youd get your ansi asses over here and join the team.
cause a bunch of our artists are leaving their other groups and
concentrating on twisted only, so all their good stuff will be in the
twisted packs, yay!
Arrrgg.. Whats happening?!@
Ok, words from me deelOts.. Basic stuff.. you know general chit chat
First off.. Web pages, we have one.. you wanna see it.. of course you do
aight then goto twisted.ml.org view it, love it.. wish you were married to it.. Second off.. words about compiling art packs.. this is about the
3rd time Ive done this.. and it still hasnt improved, you try to put a
little structure into it and it all falls apart.. but were over it..
slight blurbs.. Im not going to mention any names but I had a little
problem with a fellow member awhile back about channel bans on iRC.
Seems this member doesnt understand the basic concept that bans are
handled by the bot.. its what theyre there for, but anyways, that
member hasnt been seen for awhile.. oh well.. not really our loss I
suppose.. ok then.. heres twiSted pack 13, I hope you enjoy it more
than I enjoyed compiling it :.. btw.. we somehow created a literary
side to the group.. enjoy that too..
- deelOts