Newsletter! by Fever
Newsletter! by Fever
the art group
:: twilight info file :: . sept 1997 Twilight September 15 1997
After a funfilled summer comes a long and tiring month trying to keep things togethor in the ranks as school
starts for many of us including egoteq and i the
people responsible for putting this pack togethor.. Good news is we managed to pull it off and we present to you our 11th pack , yes , next month will be our big 1st year anniversary extravaganza or something
so stay in tune , dont turn that dial.. will the artists of Twilight pull off their most impressive pack to date?
other news :: Nivenhs the man, he finished Rez twilights multi-
purpose viewer , but unfortunately we werent able to get ahold of it in time to release.. next month itll be here for sure, heres what i know about rez so far. Its a win32 viewer, it can view Gif Jpg Ansi pcx, and a whole lot more.. i cant name em all... cia is releasing their much awaited 50th pack this coming October , i dont mean to plug other groups but
its not like this is a business and napalms my boy
i wouldnt miss this pack for even a twinkie.
. members ::
This month weve seen major growth in the vga department, some stunning surrealist and abstract
stuff is coming to us from the independant artist
remission this man is simply amazing hes always been a freelance artist and now resides in twilight this will be a great place for him to display his art as well as a cool thing for us to be able to check it
out. Also new to the scene , new as in 3 months is deodato , a long time friend of nivenhs who has never touched a computer before just three months ago
and well, hes pretty damn good.. i cant say much about him but i know that hes a mcdonalds addict arent we all and he smokes newports, oh yea.. he owns pants that sound like trash bags when he walks..
This month a re-addition to the ansi department as illusionX rejoins the ranks. you should all know him as he presents some pretty fierce skills with his artwork. and sadly, leaving this month is gould who after a month in the group was in a dispute with a few of the members.. it wasnt pretty , but after everything was
said and done, the only description i could get was
French and Indian War II , but i dont think there were any Indians.
all done?
Like i said , its been a long month for all of us..
. especially me , who has to take time out of selling
girl scout cookies just for the scene g until next month 1st year anniversary of twilight adios and enjoy the pack, may it bring you good spirits and all of that , pees.
- fever