Twilight Members Sept. 97 by Fever
Twilight Members Sept. 97 by Fever
Twilight September 1997
The Artists Founder :
Deeply Disturbed dd
Seniors :
Egoteq eq
Fever fv
Nivenh nv
Artists :
Azrael az
specialty : ansi / rip note : away in the navy.
Cardiac Arrest ca specialty : ansi
note : a talented writer.
Coug cg
specialty : ansi note : none
Deodato deo
specialty : vga.
note : nivenhs pal *wink* Deeply Disturbed dd
specialty : ansi note : twilight founder.
Egoteq eq
specialty : ansi / vga
note : eats grass for breakfast
Fever fv
specialty : ansi / bin
note : wrote all this poop.
Filth fil email@not.available specialty : ansi
note : first group was CiA Ghengis gh
specialty : ansi
note : produces original art
Grimlock gl
specialty : ansi
note : none.
IllusionX ix
specialty : ansi note : rejoined twilight.
Lord Drakul dr specialty : ansi
note : draws alot.
Malcom X mx
specialty : vga. note : none.
Mixelplik mix
specialty : ansi
note : was known as WhiteTrash Outkast ok
specialty : ansi note : was a vga specialist
Quisling qs
specialty : vga.
note : talented photographer
Rage rg
specialty : vga
note : none
Reanimator ra specialty : ansi
note : is a cool guy
Remission rem
specialty : vga.
note : deep.
Savage Dragon sd
specialty : ansi
note : an ascii guru
Sensei se specialty : ansi
note : none Snake Grunger sg
specialty : ansi
note : his first ansi was good.
Soul Assassin ass
specialty : vga.
note : was an ansi king.
Stone the Crow stc
specialty : ansi / vga / rip note : is multitalented.
Stygian sty
specialty : ansi
note : is an anime machine
Tainted ta
specialty : ansi
note : none
Terminator2 t2
specialty : ansi note : an ascii god.
Zarkon zk specialty : ansi
note : none.
Programmers :
Burning Chrome
specialty : code
note : writing ciadraw
Nivenh specialty : code note : wrote twi-x and rez
specialty : code
note : none.
specialty : code
note : Twilight Studio Coder.
Private Parts pp
specialty : code note : has skills
The Chosen One tco specialty : code
note : none.
Members :
Captain Hood :: Code Zero ::
Wolfie ::
Notes :
People in White text are a leader of their division . People in Bright Cyan are new to the group.
Twilight , i probably messed up some , if i did mess up on your abbreviation or name email me with the correct
information. If theres anything else that
you want changed lemme know.
If i didnt list you and youre a member
lemme know.
If your email address is wrong or unlisted please try to get this to me.