TW-ROTH InfoFile by nitron & warpus
TW-ROTH InfoFile by nitron & warpus
Trade Wars: Rise of the Hierarchy is both a Trade Wars door game
edit and ANSI artpack that intends to pay homage to two of our
favorite things: Trade Wars and Star Control.
Nitron and Warpus are big fans of both of these awesome games,
and wanted to give a little something back in recognition of
some milestones: the 30th anniversary of StarCon 2 in 2022 and
the upcoming 40th anniversary of Trade Wars in 2024. We also wanted
to acknowledge the notable influence both of these games have had on
the BBS and ANSI art community and those involved in it.
The artwork component can be viewed on the 16colors archive or
with your favorite ANSI viewer, while the game edit can be imported
into any TWGS server game slot, which will modify the game with new
ship art, ship stats, alien races, planets, title and other screens.
Ask your favorite sysop to install Rise of the Hierarchy today!
Installation Instructions
Rise of the Hierarchy, the TWA edit is an updated version of the
stellar SC2Unlim edit created by Thrawn, Daala and Helix. This edit
brings artwork for all 16 named ships, custom title and other screens
to their work. A few game settings have been modified based on the
advice of the Trade Wars community and to support the artwork.
This edit could be classified as a MOO style fast edit, promoting
scripted fast paced gameplay using popular tools such as SWATH and
TWXProxy against a large assortment of hostile aliens. These settings
can be toned down to appeal to more casual players post-installation.
To install Rise of the the Hierarchy, unzip the TW-ROTH-EDIT.ZIP
file, and import the .TWA file into a new game slot on your TWGS
server using the import button in the TWGS Command Center. Do not
import global files, only local files. This should import all
game settings and artwork, which is embedded in the .TWA. Optionally
you can simply copy the .ANS files into your games /ANSI directory,
and manually configure your ship and game settings to match them, but
this method is considerably more work.
Once imported, you may wish to rebang your game with a new seed
value so that you are running a unique map.
The txt file details the various configurations present in the edit.
Note that almost all game settings can be modified post-install, or
through the various options present in the Big Bang utility.
Rise of the Hierarchy has been tested on TWGS v2.20b
Thanks Acknowledgements
Dogar, Kazon, Zyrain, Videon, Thrawn, Daala, Helix, MicroBlaster
Vid Kid, Star Killer, Flip, Xentrophy
Runaway Proton DrKrejall
Trade Wars is a registered trademark of EIS
Star Control is a registered trademark of Stardock Systems, Inc.