Logo Colly 2 by Faucheur
Logo Colly 2 by Faucheur
--------------.Faucheurs logo colly 2.--------------------------------------
What? only 5 logos and few pics by fr? Is this a bad joke?
No it isnt, but ive been so busy making ansi for my own
board which just got up and ive also done some ansi for
ppes so thats why ive drew so little to this pack...
So if you didnt get it last time, i do ansi only for
boards that i like... So if you want an ansi from me, you
have to give me good access to yar board... :
Greets go to our new ascii drawers from Israel:
Martyr Nomad
--------------.Mythology for Grim ripper.-------------------------------------
--------------.Cloudcity for Distance.----------------------------------------
Cloudcity - +358-0-3402721 - Lots of affliates - Demos Modules - v.34
--------------.Dreamnet for Conrad.-------------------------------------------
--------------.Nakkila asciis for me.-----------------------------------------
Alle 10 pivst waretta + Yli 2 gigaa vanhoja pelej
Satoja tonneja ansi vga taidetta + Paljon viinanvalmistusohjeita
Valmiita lukion aineita esitelmi + The Unwritten Law memba purnukka
Otetaan uusia kyttji jonkin aikaa, eli kysypps viisumia Faucheurilta
Ss a aSs Ss
a s s S a
2 gigaa vanhoja pelej Alle 10 pivst waretta Tonneittain ansipakuja
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