Outworld by Corey
Outworld by Corey
a the unwritten law ansi production 96
grr... another lame
comic rip by corey
ofthe unwritten law
pic taken from aku
ankkas 07/96 cover
sorry mind leader
no breasts.....
this is for
Sop: Realiser Nop: Corey 0-7d iBM Wares ANSi/ASCii Conferences
T U L M e m b e r B o a r d 2 8 . 8 k 2 4 h
8------cut-here!-------8----------------------8----------------------8------grr... what a stinking logo, anyway this is lame comic rip as you probablynoticed already. greets to these: tentacle, phobia and to realiser: i didthis all by myself, while you were getting drunk sumwhere.
- corey corey@tombstone.fipnet.fi
btw. this is my second ansi picture.