TRiBAL WRiTES - The TRiBE Newsletter - Volumn 1 / Issue 6 -
December 1993
Welcome to the 7th TRiBE Archive-LiTE. Its the Holid
ay season, and we
TRiBE Guys dont take this stuff seriously enough to do alot this
time of
the year. Its now 1994, and were going onto our 8th Month Jan
uary 94
of existance. Remember when TRiBE was a One-Man-Group with onl
y myself?
God, it seems like only yesterday it was the iCEAGE, ACiD wasnt
doing dick
and I, as iCE Senior Staff was all too happy to point it out. To
day, iCE
is mainly in Canada and calling themselves GOTHIC, ACiD is full o
f little
dicks like Kronos, but you have to admit theyre clearly kicking
Six months from now, the Teeter-Totter that is the Scene may very
well be
the exact opposite, who knows. Of course, youre dealing with TR
iBE guys
here and now, so we say, who cares. . .
Gee, youd think we had a membership drive! This may tak
e awhile...
BeeZ is in from Mirage XXIVIII: The Reconstructification.
He wanted to
actually get his ANSis released from time to time. For those in
yes, his voice is getting deeper! Ducking
Asriel makes an ASSAULT on The Spawning Ground to become
a TRiBE Member!
For your own safety, we suggest you do not ask him to draw you an
Warning: Inside Joke, youre not meant to understand it...
Dark Deception, the Independant in from the HEAT, a rappa
Our little yuletide drummer boy earns us the Sub-Title: Logosru
Village Idiot was a BAD boy, he joined TRiBE. His very f
irst ANSi ever is
included here. Not a bad begining. Honest! I barely touched i
t, Ben.
King Midas, our new Southern Knight! Another talent dug
up from the
dreggs of 4O4. Hes a reletive newcomer to ANSi, only months ol
d. Of
course, I remember Leper Messiahs and Quazars first ANSis loca
and neither were this good, this early on. I shudder to think wh
ere hell
be three months from now, talent wise.
Mr. Sinister, ANOTHER 4O4er! Hes here to help us with c
oding and prose,
while we help him with his ANSi skills. NaG and iMAGE have made
use of
his doings, but now hes doing with us. Just dont give him your
number, eh...
This just in! This just in! Killean has left ACiD.
The forgotten man
at ACiD or was that ignored now completes our collection of Gre
at 404
Artists. Can you believe it? They called him a coder, appare
ashamed of his ANSi? Check out his new ANSi! Even with TLGX g
he just couldnt get any respect. Now hes going to play with us
! He
may even do ANSis for boards other than Free Beer, someday! Oh
and he can code too. Wont be needing ANSIM much longer...
Digression: Is 4O4 being ignored by all the other groups,
or do they
just conceed it to TRiBE? Things that make you go huh-huh-huh-hu
Youll see LogaNs Lost Paradigm Cover ANSi in this Ar
chive. Since
Issue 3 wasnt released, and wont be, hes free to release it n
Gotta admit, it is classic Logiepoo, eh? For those who dont kno
w, he
is in 4O4.
Speaking of Logiepoo, youll find a .PCX file of his incl
uded in this
Archive. Apon my rebirth New Computer Id wanted to put togeth
er a
special Christmas greet to the Scene. Nothing fancy, just alittl
e loader
thatd show off LogaNs VGA talent, as well as play some very app
music. Its Christmas in Heaven - Monty Python Sings. Alas,
it was
not to be, as the evil Grynch stole our X-Mas coder. So, were j
ust going
to release the .PCX and leave the coding crap to ACiD. Remeber,
coders have better things to do!
Special Kudos to Quazar who held things together and got
the Archive
out last month. Good job Z, and a tipothat to Cardiac Arrest
he departs. He joined telling us up front he was just doing a co
of ANSis and retiring. Tas. Quazars been out of town for the
few weeks, but hell be returning to 4O4 about the same time this
Next month is TRiBEs National PowerGrid Month, because
Syntax Error
said so. . . . . .so you should all do a PowerGrid ANSi or four.
used to live in 4O4. In case you didnt know, I get a buck ever
y time
I type 4O4 this month.
Santas Little TRiBE Guy
Shihear Kallizad
Creator Founder of LTD Too