TREK2022 infofile by Darkman Almighty
TREK2022 infofile by Darkman Almighty
ANSI Art Pack 2022 Star Trek 56th Anniversary
Welcome to my first Star Trek ANSI art pack. Its been a fun past few months
as I trek down the ol ANSI art wormhole. So why Star Trek? Keep reading...
It all started in 1966 with the premiere of Star Trek, a sci-fi series .
surrounding a crew aboard a starship as they explore strange new worlds.
The thought of life... somewhere, out there, is thought-provoking. Star Trek
sparked those questions, and in 1969 NASA sent a man to the moon.
A franchise rooted in both science and technology certainly captured my
attention at a young age and its philosophy imprinted within me. Its
essentially my inspiration to reach for the stars, to be better than we are
and to approach life as a journey head-on regardless of the unknown.
Fast-forward some years later after countless movies and television series,
Star Trek is still going strong. With its recent movie reboots, Discovery,
Picard, Lower Decks and now Strange New Worlds, Star Trek has continued to
inspire a new generation of sci-fi fans.
This art pack contains some of my favorite characters and scenes from both
The Original Series and The Next Generation and is a tribute to the pioneers
of the franchise. I wanted to contribute to the ANSI art scene and felt that
the scene could benefit with some TREK inspired art. .
About Me
Ive been BBSing now for some years, having my first tour back in 87 on a .
Commodore 64, later a PC and in the last decade via Telnet. As the saying
goes, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. The same can be said as a user.
During the summer of 2021, I decided to devote time and attention in creating
a Star Trek-themed BBS: USS Excelsior, a homage to my favorite board from the
90s, but also its a place where my creativity and passion can be showcased
however, I did not realize how much I enjoyed drawing ANSI.
Its funny that BBSing and ANSI art go together like peas and carrots, and
theres been quite the scene out there for it which continues to flourish.
As you know, any great BBS has to include a well-put-together theme, which the
user should be immersed in. For months, I carefully crafted ANSI sceens and
customized the overall appearance of my BBS some are featured here.
I had drawn ANSI back in the day fooling around with TheDraw, making very
simple landscapes and cartoon pictures, but never really got into it until
recently. I suppose when you create what you have a passion for, it shows in
your efforts. .
I hope you all appreciate the love for Star Trek as I do as you look through
my art pack. Im looking forward to another release real soon.
Live long and Prosper /arkman /lmighty